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9 Panel Blank Sublimation Blanket Blank

9 Panel Blank Sublimation Blanket Blank

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These polyester woven throw blankets are soft to touch and ready to be sublimated. They feature 9 printable panel that can be easily personalized. The outer edges of the throw are finished with side fringes that give it a true blanket feel. Size is approximately 60x40 inches. Each panel is approximately 18 x11 inches.
*May slightly vary in size

Recommended SUBLIMATION Settings
385 degree Temp
Use Lint roller to get any loose fibers on the tote.
YOU MUST Pre-press EACH PANEL for 25-40 seconds. This will tighten the weave and will cause the panel to shrink a bit.
Place sub paper facing down on blanket use spray or heat tape to place in position.
Press for 60 seconds at medium pressure.
After pressing, remove the paper immediately.

The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results. Settings will vary depending on the heat press brand, ink,and paper.
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