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22x60 Mardi Gras Bundle

22x60 Mardi Gras Bundle

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22x60 pre-made Mardi Gras DTF Transfer Bundle includes 12 Adult DTF Transfers, each with a width of approximately 10.5 inches (with variations depending on the image). These transfers are designed for cold peel and are ideal for Direct Film Prints (DTF).

PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS: To apply them correctly, use a commercial heat press with heavy pressure at 325°F for 20 seconds. After pressing, you can either cool the transfer by gently rubbing it with a cooling block or allow it to cool on its own (cold peel). Once it has cooled, peel with confidence and recover it with Teflon or Parchment paper and repress for an additional 10 seconds on heavy pressure. These DTF transfers can be applied to various materials and shirts of any color.

Please note that household irons, easy presses, or HTV Ront are not recommended for this process.

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