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Christmas Junkie | 10'' DTF Transfer

Christmas Junkie | 10'' DTF Transfer

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Declare your love for all things Christmas with our "Christmas Junkie" DTF Transfer Print. This design is a joyful tribute to those who can't get enough of the holiday spirit. Adorn your favorite drinks with this playful print, featuring iconic symbols of the season like Santa, reindeer, and ornaments. It's the perfect way to express your enthusiasm for the most wonderful time of the year and spread festive cheer wherever you go!

Follow these steps to heat press DTF COLD  peel heat transfers:

Take your time to carefully position your artwork within the desired print area.

Apply your transfer with firm pressure at a temperature range of 320°F - 325°F  (based on our experience, this temperature range produces optimal results) for 15 seconds.

Release the pressure and heat source, allowing your transfer to cool for at least 15 seconds. Once it's cool to the touch, gently lift one corner and peel it back with confidence, applying even pressure as you do so.

Enhance the texture, durability, and remove any shine by placing the parchment paper or a teflon sheet over your design. Press again for 12-15 seconds to achieve the desired finish.


1.) Prior to washing, remember to invert the garment.
2.) Utilize cold water for washing.
3.) Avoid the use of fabric softeners or bleach, and opt for low-temperature drying.

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