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Sublimation Kids Backpack Blank

Sublimation Kids Backpack Blank

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Sublimation kids backpack.  These backpack blanks make a great addition to your DIY projects or for a small sublimation business.

☑️Toddler Diaper Bag
☑️Youth Book, Notebook, or Journal Bag
☑️3-8 year old Sports Bag
☑️Removable polyester panel

The front is a detachable polyester panel thats easy for sublimation!  

Recommended pressing instructions:

1) Use a lint roller to remove all small particles
2) Pre Press for 5 Seconds (Insure there are NO creases left on the panel, repeat this step if need)
3) Medium Pressure
3) Press at 385 degrees for 55-60 Seconds.  They will burn, keep the heat LOW.

Note: This sublimation blank is DOES NOT come customized.

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